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About EAZY Meals – EazyMealPlans

It all started with a baby...

Or baby number 4, I should say. Two weeks after I had my 4th kid, just over 10 years ago, I had some friends over for breakfast. In other words, business as usual.

Over Spanish tortilla, shakshuka and lots of coffee and tea, the conversation got around to weight issues, as it inevitably does when a bunch of women get together.

I will always remember that breakfast, because there were a few raised eyebrows at my practically flat tummy. Remember, this was only 2 weeks after having baby number 4.

The conversation got rather animated and, to put matters to rest, I had to lift my t-shirt up to prove that I wasn't wearing any tummy flattening contraption! And these were my friends!

After much cajoling and begging, I agreed to devise a simple weekly meal plan for some of the ladies who were present.

That, in turn, led to creating meal plans for both my catering clients and culinary students. And now, finally, after years of requests and thinking about it, I am making these meal plans available to all and sundry.

I believe...

  • It's all about balance, not about calories and fat.
  • The best intentions always get waylaid.
  • Write down a menu for the week, shop for it, and you are off to a great start!
  • And that's where EAZY Meals come in - we do all the planning for you!

Some Sundays, we'll spend just a little time on meal prep. This isn't about cutting your vegetables for the week. We'll make up sauces that we will use for 2-3 recipes in the coming week. Why buy a sauce with a dozen ingredients when you only need 6?

About Me

 I'm a chef and culinary instructor with over 20 years of experience. I was   born and raised in Singapore, and have been living in the UK for over 2   decades.

 As a homeschooling mum of 4 kids, many of my meals have to be done quickly and easily!

Our Team

John Simmons, RD, MSc.

John is a registered dietician and clinical nutritionist, with an MSc. from King's College, London.

He has 3 children and, along with his wife, is passionate about the meals his family eats.

John is a key member of EAZY Meals and ensures that all our recipes are nutritionally balanced.

His wife cooks every one of our recipes for their family.

Anita Merriweather

Anita leads our team of testers. Every recipe is tested by our team of 5 and their family and friends.

Anita is a retired psychologist, a mother of 5 with 7 grandchildren. These days, she looks after 3 of her grandchildren and cooks for them and her husband.

Every single recipe you receive goes through Anita's kitchen for her seal of approval.

Helen Masters

One of our 2 single recipe testers, Helen has no time for the kitchen, she tells us.

In fact, she hates cooking. However, as someone who is very health conscious, she makes an effort, to stop herself from eating out or having takeouts.

Helen is the reason we are now developing a range of smoothies!

Nazreen Ahmed

Nazreen was very eager to test our recipes, both she and her husband, she says, are grateful for some sort of order!

The EAZY meals recipes are cooked for the whole family, and we enjoy nothing better than to see pictures of the toddlers at it with their hands!

Peter Mason

In his own words, Peter is a gym rat. He is a fitness instructor and the excitement of having him test our recipes out was reciprocal.

Peter has introduced many of his clients to our meal plans (with no commission!), and we can happily say that everyone is extremely happy with them.

We are currently working with Peter on a range of smoothies to be introduced on our site very soon.

Francesca Moretti

We had to have an Italian in the taste group! The Bloor family is big on Italian, with the kids eating pasta for lunch almost on a daily basis.

Naturally, having an Italian taste our Italian recipes is a wonderful thing. Francesca has even shared with us some of her mother's and grandmother's recipes that we've tweaked to make accessible for our many global clients.

When an Italian says molto bene, you know it must be!

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